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Dear Owners,

As of March 29, 2012, you have received from City Hall the economic reparcelation project amounting to more than 9.000.000€. In this project were the characteristics of your property, the coefficient of your participation in the reparcelation as well as the urban debt of reparcelation of your land.

The approximate debt of each owner corresponds to the number of m2 of the plot, multiplied (at this time) by +/-18€. The amount obtained is the amount you would have had to pay if the work had been carried out (sum excluding VAT).

When the town hall entered the reparcelation project in 2012 in the property register in Falset, automatically your share of the economic urban debt was recorded on your plot.

Since 4 May 2018, the inscription of the reparcelation of Planas del Rey in the property register of Falset is cancelled, however, the urban debt on the properties is still inscribed.

We advise you to cancel this debt.

To do this, you must personally report to the property register in Falset, Avenida el tancat,9 tel : 977.83.03.34.

Here you will find the Solicitude Form as well as a template to help you. Print, fill out and sign.

You will need to personally submit this document along with your property title, your DNI/NIE and your ID card to the Falset Register.
A fee of €47.35 will be charged.
Within 15 days, you will be contacted to take over the document that will attest to the cancellation of your urban debt.

We advise you to cancel it, knowing that there is no obligation, no time limit.

Martine Belgeonne

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