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  • IZASKUN, Secretary of the town hall
  • JOSE MARIA ROVIRA, municipal councilor (JxCAT-JUNTS)
  • JORDI PAGAN, Municipal councilor (JxCAT-JUNTS)
  • AMADEU PUNE, Municipal councilor (JxCAT-JUNTS)
  • TONI MARCO, Municipal councilor (JxCAT-JUNTS)
  • GLÒRIA MORENO, Municipal councilor (AvP)
  • JOSE PESCADOR, Municipal councilor (AvP)

Only two items of the day were dealt with:

  1. Taking up of the post of Municipal Councillor of Mr Pescador replacing Mr Oscar Serrano.
  2. Approval, if applicable, of the agreement for the transfer of skills in wastewater treatment

Item 1: Mr. Pescador undertakes to exercise the office of councillor in accordance with the Constitution and the laws, so that the Plenary unanimously accepts his incorporation.

Item 2: Summary of the collaboration agreement between the Baix Camp County Council and Pratdip Town Council regarding the wastewater treatment plant, only for the urban centre of Pratdip, with the express exclusion of the Planes del Rei wastewater treatment plant.

The Baix Camp County Council proposes the approval of an agreement with the town councils of Arbolí, Capafonts, Maspujols, Pratdip and Vilanova d’Escornalbou to delegate the management of the wastewater treatment service to the Catalan Water Agency (ACA).

The ACA has programmed the financing of the wastewater treatment plants of the aforementioned towns for the period from 2022 to 2027. According to the information provided by the Mayor of Pratdip, the Planes del Rei wastewater treatment plant is not included in this programme.

The purpose of the proposed agreement is for the Pratdip City Council to delegate the competence to draw up the technical project and alternative studies, as well as the regulation of the operation of the wastewater treatment plant and the management of the service, to the County Council.

The County Council will sign agreements with the ACA to finance the design and execution of the work on the wastewater treatment plant in each of the villages, with the express exception of the LES PLANES DEL REI wastewater treatment plant.

The Consell Comarcal del Baix Camp agrees to entrust COMAIGUA with the operation of the new wastewater treatment plants.

In short, this agreement is the beginning of the provision of a new wastewater treatment plant to the village of Pratdip, forgetting, once again, the needs of Planes del Rei.

To the questions of the AvP councillors, we are told that the Planes del Rei wastewater treatment plant is not included in this agreement, and we are given no explanation as to how and when the problem of the Planes del Rei wastewater treatment plant will be solved, which, let’s remember, was built with the effort of all the owners and is still closed at the moment due to municipal will. We understand that there is no concrete progress on the Planes del Rei wastewater treatment plant. Neither the mayor nor any of the councillors are aware of any solution for our wastewater treatment plant, there are no plans for studies, projects or implementation, or if there are, the councillors do not know about it because they are not able to report on it.

Believing that, once again, the promises of the City Council are falling on deaf ears, the two AvP councillors voted against the approval of the mentioned agreement, as a measure of protest for the zero political will of the City Council of Pratdip in the progress of our urbanisation.

Avança Pratdip

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