Dear owners,

We inform you that this Tuesday, February 28, 2018, the Municipal Council of Pratdip wished to vote an agreement for the water that it wanted to sign with COMARCAL given that it can not do it with our entity since the Governing Board of Management does not exist plus.

This agreement (see below) was again against the interests of the owners of Planas since this consisted in an increase in the cost of water while we already paid up to three times the price applied to the inhabitants of Pratdip.

Fortunately, our Councilman could organize with the opposition PSC to deny this proposal by voting for 4 voices against, and three voices in favor of part of the CIU political party.

On the other hand, next week we will give back to the town hall the eight motions asking for them to be submitted to the vote during the extraordinary plenary session.

We will then wait impatiently for the support of the PSC for them as they had promised us for the common good.

Planas Collaboration Group

2018-03-01-convenio Comarcal-Ayuntamiento

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