Dear members of our association, dear neighbors of Planes del Rei,

Since October 31, 2017, our urbanization has been without public lighting.
Delinquency has tripled and the streets at night are about as safe as those of Chicago in the 1930s during the prohibition era, but without the joys of the “Cotton Club” …

One example among others: the top of Calle Lirio. Out of five houses, four were vandalized.

  • One was squatted
  • Another was broken into in broad daylight at 5 p.m. and the watchdog was immobilized with a taser.
  • The other two were broken into with the front door broken, etc …

And all of this in the space of a few weeks.

We are told that the municipality has entered “a phase of consultation” …

Let’s remember the facts:

The last electricity bill paid to Endesa was less than € 5,000.
This is the price of public lighting in Planes del Rei for one year. It’s ridiculous really.
Remember that all owners pay € 250,000 to IBI each year.
The town hall therefore openly laughs at us.
The Judges of Barcelona, in a final appeal judgment (May 10, 2021), they just prove them wrong and say they MUST apply the sentence of July 21, 2016 “with good will”. We are not there. We are very far from it …

Law 7/1985 of April 2, which regulates the bases of the local regime throughout Spain, states:
Article 26
– Municipalities must provide, in all cases, the following services:

  • street lighting
  • a cemetery
  • household waste collection
  • street cleaning
  • home drinking water supply
  • the sewers
  • access to population centers and paving of public roads.

These are the minimum services that any municipality must provide in Spain.

The town hall has always said that we would be “private”.


  1. We have been asking for a legal text that proves it for 10 years. And nothing!
  2. Barcelona Judges’ sentence clearly confirms EUCC dissolution on appeal, dissolution which removes the administrative level between Planes and the Town Hall. We therefore now depend directly on the town hall.
  3. Finally, the report of the architect of the Baix Camp (dated 31 March 2021) led the town hall to take over the large plot of green space. MAIS cela amène une question : pourquoi cette parcelle et pas la calle Lirio ou la calle Magnolia ou la calle Narcisso, etc..!?

We cannot continue like this. That’s enough!
We demand the immediate restoration of street lighting throughout Planes!

Sign the petition here. We will send it to the Town Hall, as well as to our lawyer and the relevant institutions.

Associacion de Vecinos de Planes del Rei (SOS Planes)

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