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Dear members, dear sympathizers, dear neighbors,

This May 7, 2021 the justice, after three long years, ruled: The town hall of Pratdip is dismissed of its appeal and ordered to pay the costs.
The sentence of July 21, 2016, which is firm, and which orders the dissolution of the EUCC and the taking into account of all that follows from it, must be applied without restrictions.

This is a victory for our asociacion, “Asociacion de Vecinos de Planes del Rei (SOSPlanes)” after twelve years of particularly difficult struggles.
It is also a victory for all the inhabitants of Planes del Rei.

Of course, the City Council of Pratdip can go the court of cassation of the Supreme Court of Madrid, but it does not seem that this is their choice since they have started to integrate the green spaces, the swimming pool, the tennis courts etc …
And that in addition it would be a dead end choice because the Judges of Barcelona remind them that the City Council must in any case apply the sentence of July 21, 2016 who is FIRM.

It remains for us to hope that this Town Hall, after so many mistakes, will finally start to respect the laws of its country, its inhabitants that we are and this magnificent place that has been and could become again Planes del Rei.

For the Asociacion de Vecinos de Planes del Rei (SOSPlanes)
Gérard Marais

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