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Dear owners,

Following the last mail sent by the town hall of Pratdip, that some received by registered mail and that others have received in person by an employee of the town hall and whose we which one request to sign without delay,we wanted to give you an explanation.

The City Council does not want to assume the minimum services. And he does everything to do otherwise.

They want to force us to do the work as if the EUCC still exist. Without any subsidy, without their financial assistance which have the right, and without the help of local communities. 100% with our money!

To validate his theory, they persist and they continue to make us create that the Convention is still valid and that the subdivision has been approved by the Department of urban planning and the register of Tarragona.

Except that, there is always the obstacle, the writings of Falset (cadastral registration) office, can not register and register the project of subdivision due to numerous irregularities included in project.

The worst thing is that City Hall has not yet informed the office of Falset EUCC is dissolved
Information that we have hurried to communicate to the office of Falset.

Flat owners, this shows once again that the municipality of Pratdip, to whom we pay charges annually (IBI) for many years, who we are completely in the right to expect a minimum of service in return, does not assume at all these responsibilities.

Sign or not this document, changes nothing. The firm does not apply for acceptance.
We have 30 days from the date of receipt of the mail by introducing an appeal.
If they sign, put date legally to leave no ambiguity

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