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Situation at January 19th, 2018

Hello everyone,

I thank all the people who helped us to repair the water breakdown that we met at this beginning of year. I thank also all those which are descended in the street, which coped, which protested and denounced. I make a point also much of thanking all the owners of the other countries which supported us as of the first day.

Thank you still with all.

The workers of Comaigua are with work since January 9th, just a day before the plenary session of the town council… Today I can assure you that after having followed work all this week, each day the water well , the four deposits, the electric system, chlorination, etc is controlled in order to keep the flows and the adequate pressure for all our houses.

As I already said all that was not possible that thanks to the pressure which we all exerted.

I also benefit from the occasion for you announce that yesterday, on January 18th, I deposited several proposals which will have to be the object of a vote at the time of the next town council. These proposals include the one related to the problem of water.

I would like as to inform you as TV3 Catalunia, Reus TV, Catalunya Radio operator, of the newspapers like El Diari de Tarragone and other media contact me regularly to be well aware of breaking news.

Today, we still expect news of other public organizations where we will expose the sad municipal truth.

Thank you for your help. Let’s fight for the common good.

Oscar Serrano i Daura
Municipal councilor


Dear Owners,

As we spoke to you about in recent article, a meeting will be organized in Planas.

This meeting will take place on Sunday 28 January at 11am

For practical reasons of organization, if you wish to take part in this meeting, we ask you to forward to us a message by indicating to us your name, your first name as well as the number of participant.

Your message is to be sent to :


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