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  • ANA PAIXÀ, Lawyer of the town hall
  • IZASKUN, Secretary of the town hall
  • JOSE MARIA ROVIRA, municipal councilor (JxCAT-JUNTS)
  • JORDI PAGAN, Municipal councilor (JxCAT-JUNTS)
  • AMADEU PUNE, Municipal councilor (JxCAT-JUNTS)
  • TONI MARCO, Municipal councilor (JxCAT-JUNTS)
  • GLÒRIA MORENO, Municipal councilor (AvP)
  • JOSE PESCADOR, Municipal councilor (AvP)
  • EVELYNNE PLANET, President de AvP
  • CHRISTIAN PEUMAN, EX President de la Eucc
  • MARIE JO, a friend of mister Peuman
  • MERITXELL (Unidos for Planas 2019)
  • LEONARDO MERIZ (Unidos for Planas 2019)

Mrs Anna Paixà informs us of the intentions of the Town Hall, which are as follows:
To complete the final register of the land consolidation project, and to begin the work, modifying the project, making it conform to current needs, and adapting the costs to reality.

In the meantime, he invites us to create a cooperation entity with the Town Hall, so that we can participate in the whole project, and to designate members who will meet permanently with the Town Hall to carry out both the reform of the project and the control of the work.

In addition, until the works are completed, all owners will have to pay planning fees to maintain the urbanisation, as the former ECU did.
All the assistants, in turn, express their opinion, but Mrs. Paixà indicates that this is the case. Paixà says that this is the situation, and that the town hall will go its way whether we get involved or not. If we don’t want to collaborate, they will do it anyway. She asks for the express collaboration of the former ECU to know the real cost of the maintenance of the urbanization to make the quotas, which would be proportional to the participation quota of each house, according to the consolidation project.

To the questions of our group, he answers:
That the duration of the registration of the land consolidation is not determined, but it will be short and that, although the Conservator tells us that it will be as long and unsuccessful as the previous land consolidation project, we should not pay attention to her, she knows what she is doing and she will do it very well.
That it is not determined how long it is estimated that the owners will have to pay costs, until everything is finished. Mr. Pescador objects that this could lead the Town Hall to follow the inertia of never finishing and having perpetual costs.

Comments from Mr. Meriz:
For his part, it is very clear that he is going to contest the urbanistic burden that the reparcelación supposes for his property.
Response from Mrs. Paixà: He will lose the case, like all the cases that have been brought, which the owners have all lost, except for the case of the elimination of the ECU.
Mr. Meriz proposes to renew the project first and then to register it.
Ms Paixà says no, as this would delay the problem for another two years.

The Avp and Unidos por Planes 2013 agree that the Town Hall should take on the green spaces and street lighting at its own expense and from now on.
It was agreed to hold another meeting within 15 days.
With the other groups, we agreed to meet beforehand.
Before these proposals, the AvP councillors consider it very important to call an urgent meeting of the whole group of AvP councillors to establish the criteria and lines to be followed in the next meetings, both with the other groups and with the City Council.

Avança Pratdip

Following this turnaround, we contacted our Lawyer Maitre Jordi Barquin and here is his response after reading this report:

– He considers that in Ana Paixa’s response, paradoxically, there is the recognition that the EUCC no longer exists: “excepto el de la eliminación de la EUCC”.

This is important because:

Let us not forget that in February 2018 the City Council appealed against the judgment of application of the sentences of 20/07 and 21/07/2016 on the pretext that they could not apply the dissolution of the EUCC (judgment of 21 / 07) because there was the judgment of 20/07 which ordered the work to be done.
Recall that the application judgment of December 2017 said that “when the judges pronounce the sentence on July 21, 2016, the EUCC is automatically dissolved”
Let us also remember that at this time we are still awaiting the judgment of the Court of Appeal of the TSJC on this appeal from the Town Hall. It should have arrived in February 2020….
– “A new EUCC cannot be organized, that’s for sure. The Town Hall is looking at a collaborative system, but the reality is that the facilities are public, not private and not subject to EUCC ”

– “A new EUCC in collaboration, for me, that would be illegal.”

We think it was important to give you the opinion of the lawyer of SOSPlanas because it clearly rules out the possibility for the City Council to LEGALLY reconstitute a new EUCC.

For the Asociacion de Vecinos Les Planes del Rei (SOS Planes)
Gerard Marais

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