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Dear Owners,

Further to the difficult situations which we meet with the City hall of Pratdip and his doggedness not to want to assume these responsibilities face to face of our urbanization, we ask you once more to be willing to mobilize you and to participate in a massive demonstration to lay claim to of our rights and to become known public our desperate situation.

We invite you to come in large numbers on Sunday, April 01st, at 12 am on the esplanade in side by the local of the mail.

Television, radio and print media will be presents. If we want to keep and to protect our properties, are many on Sunday !

If you can not attend and want to file a complaint do not forget to let us know. The media come for all of us !

Sunday at 12 o’clock we are waiting for you. The future of Planas and ours is at stake!

The Planas Collaboration Group

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