SOS Planas wishes to inform you of the announcement of the new political party “Grup Democràtic Independent de Pratdip (D.I.P.).

Dear neighbors and owners of Las Planas del Rey,

The Spanish municipal elections are approaching and we are happy to announce that a list composed of candidates from Planas and Pratdip has been created.

We have endeavored to put our differences aside and have sought points of unity between us with the aim of obtaining the maximum benefit for all and moving forward for the good of Planas.

We can count on the unconditional support of Ramon Farré who has lived for almost 25 years in Pratdip and who, thanks to his experience in the political world, has managed to create a balance between the different tendencies of the candidates.

We hope that this very pluralistic list will be accepted by all.

Our objective is to tackle with determination the serious problems of town planning which affect the municipality.

We are very excited about the next elections that will take place on May 28 and we are preparing for the campaign.

For now, we want to share this good news with all of you, because we are sure that this time, finally, we will be able to achieve positive results and that Pratdip will once again become a municipality with three reference urbanizations.

Let’s move forward together!

Glòria Moreno et Domingo Ripollés

The Grup Democràtic Independent de Pratdip (D.I.P.) is represented by :

  • Ramón Farré
  • Judit Clivillé
  • Domingo Ripolles
  • Margarita Aidett
  • Glòria Moreno
  • Martine Belgeonne
  • Elba Cruz Pardina
  • Jose Pescador
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