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Summer 2021, information on the situation of Planes del Rei

Summer being the period when our urbanization is the most populated, it seemed necessary to us to inform all the owners of the situation in which Planes del Rei finds itself, although it is not difficult to know where we are. , because we only need to look around to see that the situation is still just as catastrophic.

According to information published in the Tribune on January 15, during this year’s first municipal plenary session, municipal budgets for 2021 were put to a vote. The two advisers of Avança Pratdip voted in favor of their approval, as it was perceived that there had been a change of attitude on the part of the town hall towards Planes del Rei, given that timid credits have been reserved for investments in urbanization.

These elements include the Planes del Rei wastewater treatment plant project, the deployment of fiber optics and the restoration of public lighting.

Our wastewater treatment plant

Regarding the wastewater treatment plant, according to information from the municipal councilor Mr. Josep Maria Rovira, the ACA (Catalan Water Agency), after tough negotiations with the town hall, agreed to carry out the renovation / repair of our wastewater treatment plant. The necessary works will be carried out in conjunction with the construction works of the new Pratdip wastewater treatment plant.

This information, which we consider to be true, since it was spoken by a city councilor and in public, must be accompanied by the approval in plenary session and the start of the corresponding technical work, which, for the time being, has not yet been proposed. We have no doubt that this will happen in the near future and we will notify you immediately. We thank the entire municipal council team for the efforts made with the ACA to update our wastewater treatment plant.

Fiber optic installation

Regarding optical fiber, it was awarded to the company ADAMO, which subcontracted the installation to another company, which has already started work in the region. The installation will be done by air, because the installation by land was scheduled for 2022, according to the schedule of the Provincial Council. This way we will have the connections sooner. Once installed, the service will be marketed and we will be informed promptly.

Regarding public lighting, it’s another story

The city council has called several meetings with the three groups of Planes del Rei, Avança Pradip, Unidos por Planes and Sos Planes. They invited us to create a new cooperation entity so that we can participate in the reparcelation project and the execution of the urbanization renovation works.

But no comment on the old entity (EUCC), already dissolved by the sentence of July 21, 2016 and that the city council continues not to apply. Because this entity should have been liquidated a long time ago.

In these group meetings, Mr. Christian Peuman, the last president of the entity is invited, as “EUCC in liquidation”. For our part, we believe that the previous EUCC no longer exists and that he should not show up at the meetings. Unless Mr. Peuman creates his own association or joins one of the groups that legitimately exist.

In addition, the city council proposes that, until the renovation works are carried out, all owners pay a tax for the maintenance of the urbanization, as the old EUCC did. These fees should be less than what we paid before.

At the first meeting, AvP, Sos Planes and Unidos agreed that the municipality should take over green spaces and street lighting.

Finally, on the advice of a technician from Baix Camp and our insistence, the town hall to integrate green spaces.

It turns out that, as mentioned above, a budget has been approved by the city council to invest in the street lighting of Planes del Rei. It also turns out that, with the advice of the technical services of the town hall, all the green spaces of the urbanization are integrated and become municipal property, as has already been recorded for a long time in the land register of Falset. And, despite the fact that there is a budget for these municipal services, the municipal council proposes that it be the owners of the urbanization who pay via a new urban tax which we deem of dubious legality.

It is true that the proposed tariff has a low and bearable cost for the owners of Planes del Rei (although the final amount of this has not been determined). But the municipality refuses to set a time limit on this quota, as requested by Avança Pratdip (for example, for a year), which could become a perpetual and unfair tribute.

On the other hand, restoring street lighting and its annual cost comes at a ridiculous price. But the town hall refuses to take it on. Once again, this is a tax abuse to which we are subject.

The municipality of Pratdip proposes the creation of a new cooperation entity and the establishment of a new fee in exchange for the restoration of public lighting and the integration of green spaces, which seems to us intolerable blackmail and a new subterfuge not to invest money in urbanization, since, ultimately, the maintenance of this will remain the responsibility of the owners for an indefinite time.

After several meetings and evaluations, Sos Planes and Avança Pratdip have decided to accept neither a new tax nor participation in the creation of a new town planning entity. In addition, no proposal will be accepted if public lighting is not previously restored throughout the urbanization.

We appreciate the efforts of the Unidos por Planes team to bring new proposals, which will be evaluated and carefully considered by our group, if the city council agrees to resolve the light problem.

Glòria Moreno
Municipal councilor for Avança Pratdip

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