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Voters resident in Spain who will temporarily be abroad when the summons is issued..

..And who will be absent from Spain until 26 May 2019, municipal voting day in Pratdip, if they wish to participate in the elections, must be registered in the Spanish consular register in the city where they are located as non-residents and request documentation to exercise their right to vote from abroad nearby the provincial delegation (Tarragona) of the corresponding census office, no later than April 27. This application must be made in person at the Spanish consulate nearest to their residence abroad.

The provincial delegation (Tarragona) of the corresponding census office send to the voter, at the address indicated abroad in the demand, between 30 April and 6 May, by certified mail, the documentation necessary for him to vote. This term may be extended until 14 May in the event of a challenge by electors.

Once the documentation is received, voters must send their vote to the polling station, (Sala d´actes de l´ayuntamiento de Pratdip, Avda de catalunya 7, 43320 Pratdip) by certified mail, no later than May 22.

In any case, it is safer and more efficient to be present to vote in Pratdip on 26 May 2019.

Normativa: Ley Orgánica del Régimen Electoral General. Artículo 74.
Real Decreto 1621/2007, de 7 de diciembre.

Martine Belgeonne

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