Mr. Mayor,

As you probably know, the EUCC was created in 1987 by decision of Pratdip Municipal Council.
In July 2016, the Judges of the TSJC, based on the law-decree of July 1990 tell us that this EUCC was to last FIVE YEARS MAXIMUM, and they dissolve it…

So in 1993, Pratdip Town Hall and the mayor of the time should have, after having during these five years carried out the urban planning project for which this EUCC had been created:
– dissolve the EUCC
– integrate the urbanization of Planes del rei

Instead, the Pratdip City Council and all the mayors who have succeeded so far have VOLUNTARILY created DISCRIMINATION between two populations belonging administratively to the same municipality,
– the inhabitants of above, from Pratdip-center, most of them indigenous.
On the other hand:
– the inhabitants of below, Planes, kinds of “sub-citizens”, mainly foreigners of European origin (French, Belgian, English, Germans, Dutch etc … but also Spanish non-native) and that you yourself in an interview given to Radio Ciutat, consider with contempt as such.
By voluntarily creating from 1993 a DISCRIMINATION against the inhabitants of Planes, the Pratdip Town Hall and all the mayors who have succeeded one another have contravened the provisions of the European Charter signed between Spain and the European Union (no-discrimination Article 22 of Title 3).

Continuing after 1993 to inflict the population of Planes DOUBLE TAXATION (IBI + charges levied by the EUCC for the maintenance of urbanization), you have violated the European decrees signed by Spain which prohibit the principle double taxation.
We remind you that, at present, only certain Muslim countries still practice double taxation at the expense of their Jewish and Christian minorities.

Moreover, in Pratdip, this DOUBLE DISCRIMINATORY IMPOSITION has caused a considerable diversion of money to the detriment of the inhabitants of Planes. In constant euros over a period of 23 years, from 1993 to 2016, this diversion is valued at:
– IBI 5.750.000 €
– grants from the Vandellos power station to the 1C nuclear zone (of which Pratdip-center is not part): € 5,290,000
That’s 11,040,000 €. This is a considerable sum that has not been used as it should have been, the maintenance and upgrading to nuclear standards of the urbanization of Planas del Rey.

In addition, the damage to the inhabitants of our urbanization does not stop there.
– Since October 31, 2017, the wastewater treatment plant has been shut down and all the wastewater is now flowing into the Rio Llastre, just above the water tables that supply drinking water Hospitalet de l’Infant and Miami Platja / Pino Alto-Montroig
– the streets of our urbanization are no longer lit which increases the insecurity, the minimum services are not carried out correctly.
– lastly, the heritage value of the Planas houses collapsed due to the legal uncertainty maintained by the City Council, uncertainty due to the refusal of the City Council to comply with the decision of the Judges of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia and of the Generalitat.

M. Mayor, we ask you:

– Immediate care by the Pratdip Town Hall of all the minimum services for the benefit of Planas thanks to the use of the IBI paid by the owners of Planas (250.000 € annual)
– the rapid and effective integration of Planas with the municipality of Pratdip pursuant to the award of 21/07/2016.
– the implementation of the renovation works ordered by the decision of 20/07/2016 as well as work to bring nuclear standards into line with the treaties signed between Spain and the IAEA through the use of the annual subsidy of CN Vandellos. (230.000 € annual)
– the full reimbursement to planas owners of amounts unduly confiscated between 1993 and today.

In case of refusal, we will be obliged to bring the case before the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights, at the risk of condemning the Spanish State and the Generalitat.

Gérard Marais
For “Planes del Rei Vecinos asociacion” (SOS-Planas)

– Read also : Sentence of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia

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