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On April 9, the ordinary plenary session of the second quarter was held, all the councilors were present.

The most important point of this plenary session was the approval of the partial reception of the sports zone of Planas del Rey, that is to say, as specified personally by Mr. Mayor, the swimming pool, tennis courts, football field, recreation area (children’s games), parking and green area.
This reception was made on the basis of a favorable report from the technician of Baix Camp seconded to the services of 2 or 3 municipalities, Mr. Frederic. This report contains the following considerations:

  • The entire area received corresponds to the cadastral reference property 3741626CF2434S0001AB, on urban soil;
  • According to the text of the report, the municipality expressed the need to take delivery of this equipment zone to ensure good management of the zone, due to the dissolution of the EUCC;
  • It is also mentioned that all the roads and green spaces were already ceded to the town hall at the time, and that this is reflected in the reparcelación project definitively approved but which is still pending registration in the Property Register. ;
  • It is said that the sports area continued to operate uninterruptedly and that, since the dissolution of the EUCC, the town hall has collaborated in its upkeep, especially with regard to the upkeep and maintenance of the swimming pool.
  • It lists the circumstances which allow the possibility of receiving the zone, which are:
    • The property is already in the name of the municipality of Pratdip;
    • It is fully consolidated, with equipment in working order, no other work being planned other than the strict and usual tasks of maintenance and conservation, which, moreover, the town hall has already assumed (first aid, chlorination of the swimming pool, etc).
  • The urbanization project does not foresee any work to improve the sports area and the equipment.
  • And finally, the reception of this equipment allows the Town Hall to perform with guarantees the tasks of maintenance and safety in the use of the area.

Thus, once approved in plenary by the favorable vote of all municipal councilors, the green zone of the urbanization becomes municipal equipment, and the town hall assumes the necessary maintenance tasks.
This new situation is a progress in the improvement of urbanization, and a change in the attitude of the current majority (JxCAT-JUNTS) of the municipal council of Pratdip, which, finally, responds favorably to one of the demands which have been made several times by all the neighbors of Planes del Rei.

Yet we can only ask ourselves the following questions:

  • If, according to Mr. Frédéric’s report, the situation described dates back to 2008, why were we not received earlier, as we requested? And in particular, since the dissolution of the EUCC by court order
  • Why did the town hall refuse to open the swimming pool during the summer of 2017, with the damage we have all suffered? What has changed since then? Everyone will draw their own conclusions.

Glòria Moreno
Avança Pratdip

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