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Complaint to the Catalan Ombudsman: preparation of a dossier “Summary of the situation of minimum services in the development of Las Planas del Rey”

This dossier has been submitted to the Department of Interior of Tarragona, in the province of Tarragona, in the Regional Council of Baix Camp, in the registry of property of Falset, the ACA, in the Department of the environment, the Department of infrastructure and Transparency of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

March 4th, 2018
  • The replacement resource redistribution. Finally, it has expired the term of registration in the land registry in Falset. The Council insists that it is still on-going the reparcelling (from 2012!!!!).
March 6th, 2018
  • Complaint to the Council for lack of light in Planas del Rey.
  • Claims for lack of water, multiple complaints of Alderman and the neighbors.
  • Protests against the squatter movement of the residents of the street Gladiol. After several discussions and personal confrontations with them, the Councillor made a complaint to Police personnel and was cited in a trial. The pressure has made you ask them to, but still there are other streets.
May 2018
  • In the face of the constant accusations of manipulation of the facilities of the Urbanisation, it proceeds to return all the keys of the deposits and water treatment plant in the municipality of Pratdip, since it is the only one responsible for the facilities of the services.
June 26th, 2018
  • Complaint for lack of water, emptying the pool, by closing the filter, for embezzlement (lifeguard), for damage to furniture and by constraints of the city, in front of the Mossos d’esquadra
June 27th, 2018
  • Requests to the city, to open the well of luck, in front
  • of the Mayor’s refusal to express request made by the councilman, Mr. Serrano (which consists in Wassap).
    Complaint presented to the City Council, the danger of explosion and the environmental crime caused by the closure of the water treatment plant, for its saturation and toxicity (reiteration of the complaint as filed to the Police).

  • Motions presented to the City Council the January 18th, March 22nd and July 6th, 2018. All rejected by the City Council. The team’s emphatic refusal of Government to assume the minimum services.
  • Resource replacement for annulment of proceedings against the decision of the Mayor of not allowing vote the urgency of the motions presented to the Full July 6th, 2018.
  • Pending the situation of workers of the former EUC.

For your information, will know that each year the Town hall of Pratdip boxes the sum of 560.000€ thanks to the owners of Planas (IBI = 210.000€ + Subsidy = 340.000€).


Once again remember to all residents of Planas del Rey that in order to fully exercise their voting rights, previously have to register on the electoral roll. Mr. Jose Pescador can help those who sue, to make all the necessary arrangements. You can also visit our page Municipals Elections of May 2019.

Our Collaboration Group and our municipal councilor are totally against the idea of forming a new EUC, it would encourage the City Council not to grant the minimum services of our urbanization.

All residents interested in participating in the new project of change to Planas del Rey, you can point to the collaboration, since there is a firm intention to create a new political group that is plural, democratic and inclusive. The aim is that the Council assume the minimum services and be able to recover the development, transforming it into a habitable place, with a change in the environment and that our properties back to recover the urban value they deserve.

A group of neighbors have drafted a complaint to the European Parliament, denouncing the deterior situation and neglect that we suffer. If you are interested, you can subscribe to it (name, ID and signature).

Planas Collaboration Group

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