Procedure for registering on the electoral rolls of Pratdip Town Hall to vote in the next municipal elections of May 2019.

This concerns all inhabitants aged 18 (or older in May 2019) and members of the European Union.

>Registration must be done before October 2018.

  • Present yourself physically at the town hall, complete the official document to regist er as a resident and have the right to vote. (A copy will be given to you)
  • The Town Hall will declare in your country and municipality that you are registered as a resident in Spain and Pratdip.
  • Declare on the honor that youreside 6 months and one day a year in your residence in Spain. This time does not need to be continuous.

Documents to present to the Town Office :

  • The title of your property. (Land or house)
  • The original of yo ur DNI, NIE or Passport
  • Water and electricity bills for the fast 3 months
  • Phone numbers and email address to receive the notífication.
  • Inquire with the person who will take care of your request when and how you will receive confirmation of the authorizat ion to vote? Normally wit hin 15 days.

For people with a lease (tenants) :

  • Copy of the rental agreement
  • Certificate of the owner that youare the tenant of his house.
  • Copy of the property title of the owner.
  • Original of your DNI, NIE or Passport and copy ofthe DNI, NIE or Passport of the owner.

To vote from abroad (by mail) :

  • Two months before the elections, write to Pratdip City Hali by registered post to indicate that you will not be present at Pratdip in May 2019 but still wish to vote.
  • The town hal! informs the head office of the “senco” in Tarragona. The head office of Tarragona will send you the ballats.
  • After making your choice, put the ballat in an envelope and return it by registered mail to Pratdip City Hall.

You will find here the form official of the city hall. Print him and complètez. Once complete, scan him by means of your scanner or take a photo with your smartphone. Join him to your mail and send him to the email address of the city hall : This will save you time during your stay in Planas.

You will then be prohibited from voting in your city or village in your country of origín

Foreign owners who have already been registered for a long time must renew their regisration before 01/10/2018

The owners whose official place of residence is in another country than Spain cannot vote any more in their city or village of origin. This does not delete your rights in your country of orígine, either health care, or your allowances, etc… Socially and fiscally nothing changes for you.

this does not remove your rights in your country of origin, nor health care, nor your allowances etc. Socially and fiscally nothing changes for you.

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