Information about the new reparcellation project of Pratdip Town Hall

On April 5, 2022, Mrs. Evelyne Planet, Mrs. Annike Pertin Roch and Mr. José Pescador went to the Falset cadastral register to obtain information concerning the Reparcellation project.

The clerk told them the following:

  1. The reparcellation project is not effective. On February 27, 2021, the Town Hall filed a notice of initiation of the procedure with the Registry. This notice is valid for three years, ie the maximum period available to the Town Hall to definitively present the project for registration.
  2. Before presenting the final reparcellation project, the municipal council must resolve all the appeals that have been presented by the owners.
  3. For this same reason, the clerk indicates that the charges of each property ARE NOT EFFECTIVE, they are only INFORMATIVE AND NOT DEFINITIVE. This is a notice or warning to owners so that they know that the municipality intends to submit a project but which has not yet been presented. There are therefore no charges to pay for the moment.
  4. When the final file is presented, any error in the project or in the description of the properties will lead to the rejection of the project by the land registry service.
  5. When the final draft is submitted, after all appeals have been resolved, the Registry will receive the allegations we have prepared for consideration for the assessment of the draft.
  6. Thus, the same situation that we already experienced in 2012 is repeated, and which, as we all know, came to nothing. It seems that we are again faced with the same situation.

    Glòria Moreno, Municipal councilor for Avança Pratdip

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