Mr. Oscar Serrano informs us that the renovation of the water reservoir located above the “El Rancho Las Rocas” equestrian center has been completed.

This tank will be supplied with water by the municipality of Pratdip so that firefighters can use it in case of fire.

As a reminder, it was Mr Oscar Serrano who had applied for the grant as President of the Consorsi de Llaberia. Pratdip Town Hall has nothing to do with its construction and has even objected to it being able to benefit Planas.

On the other hand, the reform of the old shopping center has just begun to be completed in approximately 7 months and give way to a tourist office, shop regional products, meeting room, antenna of the town hall.

This does not mean that the town hall will integrate us, on the contrary … It still refuses to grant us the minimum services: Maintenance of the treatment plant, pumps, etc.

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