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In 1 month the municipal elections will take place in Pratdip and throughout Spain

The PDCAT of the outgoing mayor, Joan Maria Rovira Vernet and the PSC, who lis opposition of Josep Maria Rovira Casado, met to form only one list, “junts per Catalunya” and to continue their injustice towards us.

Pratdip electoral lists for the 2019 municipal elections

The list “Junts per Catalunya” could be called “Junts por Pratdip”.
None of these members have done anything for the inhabitants who live outside Pratdip. They take care of each other only succinctly and favor only their respective clans. Privileging private interests for the benefit of the public interest.

This list consists only of male members. No woman in Pratdip.

The opposite of the “Avanca Pratdip”, list of new men and women who want to work for all citizens of the municipality in a fair and equitable way to defend the common interest of our municipality.

Avança Pratdip (avP)

  1. Óscar Serrano Daura
  2. Glòria Moreno Castillón
  3. Martine Christiane Belgeone
  4. Jose Pescador Jimenez
  5. Juan Jose Serrano Valera
  6. Denise Plaetevoet
  7. Frederic Zuccheretti


  1. Miguel Gonzalez Barreiro
  2. Gerard Marais
  3. Michael John Allen
  4. Concepción Herranz Jimenez
  5. Lluís Badía Roig
  6. Evelyne Planet
  7. Anna Audrain Guilaine
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