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On January 15, the first municipal council meeting of 2021 was held, during which the municipal budgets for the year 2021 were put to the vote.

We have seen that this year, budgets will finally be allocated to Les Planes del Rei.

These positions are as follows:

  • Maintenance of the “Casal” of Les Planes del Rei: 1.500€
  • Electricity consumption of the “Casal” of Les Planes del Rei: 1.000€
  • Repair and maintenance of the drinking water supply network of Planes del Rei: open position, the total amount of which will be determined according to the needs related to the repair of the network and breakdowns (minimum amount 500€)
  • Water tanks: 5.000€
  • Maintenance work on the Planas del Rei Swimming Pool (11.000€ for the two swimming pools, Pratdip and Planas).
  • Planes del Rei wastewater treatment plant project.
  • Planes del Reí street lighting project.
  • Project to install optical fiber for the whole municipality, including Planes del Rei.

The renovation project of the wastewater treatment plant and the public lighting project do not yet have a fixed amount, because it is still in the study phase, but the town hall of Pratdip has included the item so that the expenses can be approved when figures are finalized.

Concerning the maintenance of the water network, it is also a figure which depends on the breakdowns which will occur, for which the minimum amount of 500 € has been foreseen, extendable if necessary.

This means that the renovation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant, the partial public lighting project, as well as the maintenance of the drinking water supply network will be taken care of by the municipality of Pratdip.

In addition, it is also definitively confirmed that the maintenance of the “Casal” is the responsibility of the Town Hall, as well as the swimming pool and the water tanks.

Regarding the sewage treatment plant, the Provincial Council has the task of studying whether the repair is viable or whether a new one should be built. This problem is under investigation.

We recognize that these are timid investments, but this is a change to Planes del Rei, which, thanks to everyone’s efforts, is starting to be taken into consideration in the decisions of the town hall. Therefore, although there is still a lot to do, we have decided to support the budget by voting in favor. Now, and throughout the year, we must ensure that the decisions that have been taken are respected, that the “Casal” is open, that the water network is in perfect working order, that the street lighting be restored and the renovation project for the wastewater treatment plant completed.

Our demands must continue, but we have decided to support the budget to be able to MOVE FORWARD in the renovation of our urbanization.

It was also approved a municipal ordinance of good citizenship, of interest for all the inhabitants of the commune, which gives us a framework of action to achieve a good coexistence between neighbors.

With best regards,
Glòria Moreno

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