Point 1.
Water supply: The Pratdip City Council sent the new water bills.
For the moment, despite the new agreement with the distribution company Comaigua, no increase has been found.
Óscar Serrano explains that we must remain vigilant when receiving the next invoices. In the future, the price of water may increase.

Point 2.
Glòria Moreno, our second representative at the town hall of Pratdip, applied to the city council to have Avança Pratdip obtain permission to occupy the former premises of the EUCC.
The response from Pratdip City Council was negative. It considers that until the situation of the Les Planes del Rei entity is resolved, this advantage should not be granted.

Point 3.
Tennis courts: We wonder who manages the tennis courts, who collects the rent money and even if they are rented or free?
We’ll look into it.

Point 4.
We insist on the need to strengthen and lead the working groups correctly. Meetings must be periodic and regular, as stated in the party statutes.

Point 5.

José Pescador mentions the proposal of the Civic Platform not to pay the municipal Ibi and make judicial deposits. We agree that we will seek jurisprudence on nonpayment of Ibi for non-compliance with municipal services, and that the proposal must be explained again in the General Assembly of the Party.

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