We remind you that on August 18, 2019, at 11 am, the General Assembly of the Avança Pratdip Party will be held, on Narcís Street, no. 17, with the following agenda:

Point 1: Approval of the previous Act.

Point 2: Debate on the Comaigua Convention, appeal filed and approval of the filing of a judicial appeal, if applicable.

Point 3: Report of the Executive Committee on the trajectory of Avanza Pratdip since its creation.

Point 4: Analysis of the election results.

Point 5: Information on the elections to appoint new positions of the Executive Committee.

Point 6: Information on the points to be discussed in future assemblies.

Point 7: Information on the Working Groups.

Point 8: Requests and Questions.

If you are not yet affiliated and want to participate in the Assembly, you must fill out the attached ballot and pay the annual membership fee, in the amount of € 20.

You will find the document of affiliation, to print and to fill, here

– Read also : Contract between the Baix Camp, the City hall of Pratdip and the Comaigua company

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