Dear neighbours of Planas


  1. The City council voted in July the definitive approval of the reparcelación project.
  2. Several owners had made an allegation against this project in February. But the City Council ignored these allegations.
  3. Many owners received a registered letter from the town hall to their main residence during the month of July, informing them of the final approval of this project.
  4. Given the urgency of the situation, on August 23 we sent a somewhat confusing email to several owners who had made this allegation.
    The registration of the reparcelación project in the land register of Falset, would mean that the urban charges which were notified to us by mail in January and which are currently provisional, would become definitive..
  5. In this email we explained that if we wanted to prevent the town hall from registering this reparcelación project in the land register of Falset, we had no other choice but to introduce a new contentious-administrative appeal to the courts of Tarragona.
    We proposed that all interested owners file a legal action. That the cost of this procedure was €1300, to be shared between all (if there are 100 of us, that’s €13 per owner).

All of this remains topical and the stakes are high.

To all owners wishing to participate in this action, we have placed a form at the bottom of this page that will allow you to provide us with all the necessary information as well as all the following documents:

  • A photocopy of your identity card or passport.
  • Your DNI or NIE number.
  • A photocopy of “La Minuta”. “La Minuta” is a sheet attached to the mail you received during the month of July (see a copy here).
  • If you made an allegation during the month of February, a photocopy of your allegation.
  • If you made an allegation during the month of February, a photocopy of the acknowledgment of receipt issued by the Town Hall.

A photocopy can be made with a smartphone

It is important that all this information reaches us before August 31st.

Information form

Choisir vos fichiers / Choose your files / Elige tus archivosNo Files ChosenAccepted file types : jpg, jpeg, jpe, ico, xcf, mpp. Max File Size: 128 MB

By checking this box, I undertake on my honor to participate in the costs of the procedure which amounts to €1,300 divisible by the number of participants.

Evelyne Planet
President of the Executive Committee of Avança Pratdip


  1. Grant Hattle

    In principle I support the proposed legal action. I am however new in Planes and did not receive a letter as we bought here 2 months ago.
    How many people are supporting the legal action please. What will this action do for us apart from halt the registering of the reparcelisation.

  2. Barry Moylan

    Hi, my name is Barry Moylan and I am the owner of a house in Les Planes Del Rei on calle Geranio.
    I live in Dublin, Ireland and my Spanish is not so good.

    I receive your regular communications and i thank you for keeping me updated.
    However, I am still confused about the situation.

    Could somebody that speaks English please organise a phone call with me so I can understand the situation better?

    Many thanks,



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