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This is the Salut application to detect our coronavirus cases and to follow up. According to Councillor Alba Vergés, Stop Covid-19 Cat application is “essential”.

The Ministry of Health has presented the one that Councillor Alba Vergés defined as a “very adequate technological solution to fight against the coronavirus”. It is a mobile application which, in the same dimension, is available for use with the two most common operating systems, Android et iOS.

Stop Covid-19 Cat has been developed in collaboration with several companies and has involved healthcare professionals.

Mrs Vergés defined it as a “very easy way”. It is, according to him, “an essential tool that we have at the service of the country”. About 170,000 people downloaded the Coronavirus Health app until 7 p.m. Thursday.

An application to track our coronavirus cases

The purpose of the application is to have a record of our cases of people with coronavirus symptoms and to be able to follow up.

Anyone will be able to report whether they have symptoms and what they are.

Depending on the case, a daily follow-up will be carried out or, if deemed necessary, more than one copy per day.

This allows us to give a specific answer to each person and, at the same time, to have information on the incidence and evolution of malalgia at the population level.

In this way, Mr Vergés explained, it will be possible to “see how the epidemic is behaving in our society” and to “make the best decisions for the benefit of citizens”.

It also aims to establish, in this way, “a stronger relationship between citizens and the health system,” explained Mrs Vergés.

You can access the Stop Covid-19 Cat application only with the CatSalut health card code.

You can interact in several languages.

The first thing you have to do is to fill in a list of personal data and data related to previous pathologies.

The Ministry has explained that the information entered passes to the health system and will be transmitted – encrypted – to the MES and the Civil Defence in order to activate the services deemed necessary according to the person’s status.

It also makes it possible to link the person’s current status, with regard to the coronavirus, with his or her medical history and to assess the risk.

This technological initiative comes on the heels of Salut’s decision to promote digital health for citizens – limiting their presence to what is essential – by making it easier to register on “My Health portal”l, from which it is possible to consult health professionals, access medical plan receipts or obtain test results.

Juli Rodés Almer – TV3 Catalunya

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